Commercial Solar Panels Installation in Perth


At Always Solar, one of our biggest passions is helping Perth businesses safe money and reduce electricity cost to improve profitability! We understand that costs of goods and services mean that margins become tight when adding up the daily costs of running a business and we are here to help! By installing solar on your factory, warehouse, school, office or retails space, we will be able to help save some of the money you set aside for electricity, and help improve those monthly profit and loss statements!

Each business is unique, and with this comes different energy usage. With this in mind, we do not offer commercial packages, instead we take the time to learn about your business and offer a tailored solar quote that will be sure to suit your needs and reduce your power bills, month after month! For many of our commercial clients we recommend REC Solar Panels and Fronius inverters, these trusted brands offer tried and tested product that has proven to stand the test of time in commercial solar.

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Our Process

At Always Solar we believe in providing a personal approach to helping you choose a solar system that serves your business and helps to provide adequate energy for your situation! Right from your initial inquiry we ensure we have a good understanding of your situation and needs so that we can offer the best solar panels, inverters and monitoring systems for helping you achieve your goals! In order to understand your needs, we start by asking a series of questions so that we can ensure we a providing a proposal that will suit your business structure and energy usage.

Once we have a solid understanding of your business, we will be able to provide a proposal that gives up to 3 options for commercial solar energy. One of our solar experts will come out to discuss these with you in order to answer any questions you have and help explain the benefits of each solution.

Upon approval of your proposal we will be able to take the steps towards the installation, including the various applications that are required, including a Builders Permit, Synergy application and a Western Power Renewable Energy application. Because each business and situation is unique, there is no set timeframe for this. Are you wondering how long a solar system might take to install for your business? Call our office today and we can estimate a timeframe based on our discussion.

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Solar Monitoring

So how do you know your commercial solar system is functioning and helping your business to grow and improve? Is waiting every 2 months for a bill to see how your solar system is working for the business, really a good use of resources? Like with any business decision, tracking data in order to evaluate and improve is so important, this goes for your commercial solar as well! Smart monitoring systems, through products such as the Fronius Smart Meter or Solar Analytics Smart Monitor, can give you a wealth of knowledge to help optimise your system and understand where changes can be made in energy usage to help gain optimal reward from your solar. By having these smart monitoring features, the data collected will help you see your actual energy usage for particular times of the day, where and when the solar energy is being used in your business and your net electricity bought and sold. This data will help you see when you are over using power during the work day, and demonstrate what times you can better utilise the energy produced.

The other big benefit of solar smart monitoring is that you will have access to your solar system performance, including how much energy your solar system is producing versus how much it should be generating, and will also send you alerts and fault diagnostics if anything is not working correctly. Unfortunately, like any technology solar inverters will, at times, require maintenance and often you won’t realise until you are shocked with an abnormally high electricity bill! With the investment you made on installing your solar system, we would hate for you to find out in this way. By having your solar inverter monitored you will be able to act quickly on any faults or errors, which means you will be back to saving in no time!

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