Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a solar system cost?

The cost of a Solar System depends on a lot of different elements. The price will vary depending on the size you need to suit your electricity usage. It also depends on the quality of the products and installation. For a better idea on cost the best thing to do is give the Always Solar office a call so that we can better understand your needs and price a system that is going to suit you!

Can I buy second-hand solar panels from Gumtree?

Buying second-hand panels is possible, but not something we recommend at Always Solar. The more solar panels are moved the more chance micro-cracking will occur. Damage like this will severely decrease your output and the effectiveness of your system will deteriorate rapidly. We suggest spending a bit more to begin with to purchase good quality first-hand panels for your install. This will help you save on replacement or maintenance in the future.

What solar brands do you use?

Always Solar uses a range of brands depending on the package you choose; however, our most recommended brands are Fronius, REC Solar and Enphase.

What are STC’s?

STC is the acronym for Small Scale Technology Certificate. STC’s are created in order to fill the Australian government Renewable Energy Target (RET). Solar Energy System owners own this Certificate and can choose to trade the STC as a ‘point of sale discount’ (commonly called a rebate)

What size solar system should I get?

The size of your system is determined by the amount of electricity you use per day. This can be analysed through looking at your electricity bill, in conjunction with assessing what power you are using during daylight hours. For instance, someone who is using the air conditioner all day will need a larger system than someone who does not have any internal heating or cooling. By speaking to one of our team, we will be able to take details down to help us find a solution that will work best for your situation.In complex cases we may suggest using a monitoring system to see when and what your electricity is being used for to help provide a clearer picture.

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