Today at Always Solar, we’re tackling the big question: How long do solar panels last in Perth?

With our sunny skies, it’s a smart bet, but we know you’re after peace of mind. We’re drawing on decades of expertise to give you the lowdown on maximising your solar panel’s life. Stick with us, and we’ll ensure your green investment thrives for years. Let’s dive into the sunny specifics of solar longevity in our beloved city!

Key Takeaways

  • Always Solar believes in finding alternative energy and solar solutions to reduce the cost of living.
  • They partner with brands and suppliers focusing on exceptional quality and long-lasting results.
  • Always Solar is a locally owned and run solar company in Perth, founded in 2017.
  • They have a team of accredited solar installers and stay current with the latest solar and electrical guidelines and standards.

Average Lifespan of Solar Panels Perth

The average lifespan of solar panels in Perth is typically around 25 to 30 years, ensuring long-term energy savings for our customers. We’re proud to offer solar panel installation in Perth that stands the test of time, whether for residential solar systems or commercial solar panel installations. With competitive solar panel costs in Perth and dedicated solar panel maintenance, we guarantee enduring value. Let’s explore next how our solar installers in Perth uphold these standards.

Solar Installers Perth

We’re proud to say that our team of skilled solar installers in Perth plays a crucial role in ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your solar panels.


  • Accredited professionals
  • Meticulous solar installation Perth services


  • Cutting-edge solar battery installation Perth solutions
  • Tailored energy systems


  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Customer-focused approach

Trust us to power your future with confidence!

Performance Over Time

At Always Solar, we’ve observed that the performance of solar panels in Perth remains robust over time, with systems often exceeding their expected lifespan when properly maintained.

YearEfficiency Retention (%)Notes
1100%Peak performance
5≥ 97.5%Minor degradation
10≥ 95%Standard guarantee
15≥ 92.5%Still reliable
20+≥ 90%Beyond expectations

Your energy future is bright with Always Solar.

Maintenance and Longevity

Maintaining your solar panels properly can significantly extend their lifespan, ensuring they deliver clean energy for years to come.

  • Regular cleaning (water with a soft broom)
  • Removes debris
  • Boosts efficiency
  • Inspections
  • Identifies potential issues
  • Ensures peak performance
  • Proactive repairs
  • Addresses minor damages
  • Prevents system failures

We’re committed to excellence, guaranteeing your solar investment thrives. Let’s now consider the tell-tale signs of aging solar panels.

End-of-Life Indicators

Recognising the signs of aging in solar panels ensures we catch deteriorating performance before it leads to system failures. We’ll identify reduced energy output, discolouration, and physical damage as clear indicators. To expertly assess and address these issues, ensuring your solar investment continues to thrive. Rely on Always Solar for unparalleled expertise and proactive maintenance in Perth’s solar landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Perth Climate Specifically Affect the Degradation Rate of Solar Panels Compared to Other Regions in Australia?

We’ve found that Perth’s unique climate impacts solar panel degradation less than in other regions, ensuring our systems deliver long-lasting power and exceptional savings on your electricity bills. Use Always Solar for enduring energy solutions!

Are There Unique Environmental Factors in Perth That Can Lead to Premature Solar Panel Failure, and How Can They Be Mitigated?

We’ve identified unique environmental factors like living close to the sea with the salt that may cause solar panel failure, but rest assured, our expertise ensures we implement strategies that significantly mitigate these risks, keeping your energy flowing reliably.

What Are the Potential Financial Incentives or Rebates Available in Perth for Replacing Aging Solar Panels?

The Federal government depending on your situation provides Solar rebates and Always Solar can inform you about financial incentives in Perth for upgrading your solar panels. Invest with us and save more on your energy bills while benefiting from the latest solar advancements.

How Do Recent Technological Advancements in Solar Panels Impact the Decision to Upgrade Older Installations in Perth?

We’re thrilled about recent tech advancements in solar panels, as they offer compelling reasons to upgrade, ensuring higher efficiency and better returns for our Perth community’s energy investments. Higher wattage solar panels now mean less space is needed on your roof to get the KW you require which is great for those with limited space. Let’s embrace the future together!

Can the Orientation and Angle of Existing Solar Panel Installations in Perth Be Optimised Over Time to Counteract Efficiency Losses as Panels Age?

We can optimise the orientation and angle of your solar panels to combat efficiency losses over time, ensuring you continue to harness maximum solar energy with our proven, high-quality solutions.


At Always Solar, we’re proud to confirm that your solar panels in Perth can thrive for decades with the right care. With superior products, expert installation, and diligent maintenance, you’re looking at an investment that pays off with both robust performance and enduring reliability. Trust Always Solar as you harness the Perth sun, your solar journey will be illuminated with savings and sustainability for years to come.

Embrace solar with confidence, and let’s brighten the future together!