In Perth Solar power is skyrocketing to new heights, and we’re on an exciting journey!

In 2023 Always Solar, your reliable and professional solar installer in Perth, is more committed than ever to help you harness the sun’s boundless energy. We have over 30 years of electrical experience, ensuring top-tier quality and safety for every installation.

We are not just experts, we are your Perth local guides in navigating the bright future of solar technology. Being a part of this clean-energy revolution means more than just savings on your electricity bills, it means being a part of a community that values sustainability and forward-thinking solutions. Let us guide you through why accreditation matters and what future projections look like for solar. Together, we can make the rest of 2023 an enlightening year for your home or business with solar power.

  • Always Solar is a locally owned and operated solar company in Perth, established in 2017.
  • Always Solar partners with brands and suppliers that focus on constructing high-quality solar systems that withstand the test of time.
  • The company has a team of in-house accredited solar installers and operations staff to provide an exceptional customer experience.
  • Always Solar is a member of the Smart Energy Council, the Clean Energy Council, and National Electrical and Communication Australia (NECA), ensuring they are current with the latest solar and electrical guidelines and requirements.

Choosing the right Solar Installation Team

When selecting the right solar installation team in Perth for 2023, you can rely on Always Solar’s expertise, certifications, and dedication to excellence to ensure you’re investing in a system that will endure. Whether residential solar systems, commercial solar panel installation, or solar system maintenance in Perth, our home solar system packages are customised to meet your requirements.

Our staff is always happy to take your calls and questions to ensure you get the correct installation information. Let’s delve into how we guarantee quality assurance for your solar solutions.

Quality Assurance for Solar

Always Solar Perth gives you the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing your energy solution has been carefully planned and installed by our team, committed to delivering exceptional quality that will stand the test of time. Our solar panels for home or commercial solar systems in Perth, Western Australia, are competitively priced, with solar batteries included. Did you know that Always Solar also offers EV charger installations in Perth? We provide comprehensive solutions. As local experts, we bring unparalleled knowledge to every project.

Local Solar Knowledge

You’ll be amazed at our team’s wealth of local knowledge for your energy project, offering second-to-none expertise. We’re a local Perth company with an in-depth understanding of local weather conditions and solar potential and extensive experience navigating regional regulations – A proven track record in delivering high-quality solar solutions.

Trust us to provide you with an excellent solar system. Next, let’s explore the importance of our accreditations.

Solar Accreditation Importance

The difference with Always Solar is that it’s not just about slapping some panels on a roof, our accreditations matter a fair bit. They signal our commitment to quality and safety. We’re always up to date with solar tech developments, ensuring your system meets the highest standards. Our affiliations also mean we’re part of a community striving for sustainable solar energy solutions. Now, let’s look ahead and explore what future projections say about solar trends in Perth.

Future Solar Projections

In the future, you will see a landscape transformed by the power of alternative energy solutions. Imagine Perth in 2024 powered mainly by solar! We’re excited to be part of this transition and committed to guiding you every step of the way.

Here’s what we are seeing:

YearSolar Projection (%)

Together, let’s build a brighter, solar-powered future!

Solar System Frequently Asked Questions


What range of solar products does Always Solar offer, and which is best suited for a residential setting in Perth?

Always Solar carries a range of amazing solar products like Enphase, Fronius, Rec, Trina, and Sungrow. We have found our compact and efficient residential solar systems the best for homes in Perth. They’ll drastically reduce your power bills while you enjoy the sun!’

How does Always Solar ensure the longevity and efficiency of their installed solar systems over time?

At Always Solar, we guarantee the durability and effectiveness of our installed solar systems by using high-quality products. We can conduct maintenance checks and offer ongoing customer support to address any concerns promptly.

Are any financing options or incentives available for solar installation in Perth through Always Solar?

Always Solar have made going solar a breeze with our flexible financing options. We also use government incentives to make your solar journey more affordable. Always Solar ensures you’re part of the energy revolution. Solar does not need to cost the Earth!

How does Always Solar handle maintenance and repair issues after installation?

At Always Solar, we’re committed to ensuring the longevity of your solar system. Our skilled team will quickly intervene to restore optimal functionality if any maintenance or repair issues arise after installation. We’re here for you, mate!

Can you explain how solar energy is converted to electricity in the systems installed by Always Solar?

We utilise the power of the sun by installing photovoltaic cells. They capture sunlight, which initiates an electric current. This energy is subsequently transformed into usable electricity for your home, delivering a sustainable and economical power solution.’


Always Solar is your guiding light in solar technology, and we have honed our expertise over 30 years! With Always Solar, you get more than just a solar system, you get the very best quality, local knowledge, and crucial accreditation. So why wait? Come on board this electrifying journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Always Solar promise the sun will never set on your savings!