We’re Always Solar, your local Perth-based company committed to sustainable energy.

With an eye on our city’s future, we are diving into the world of electric vehicle (EV) chargers. We are not just exploring the tech, but the role they play in a clean energy ecosystem.

We have seen the rise of alternative energy, and we are convinced EV chargers are a key part of this story. Join us as we charge you (see what we did there) with all the benefits and dispel myths about EV charging.


Key Takeaways

  • Always Solar is a Perth based company that specialises in commercial and residential solar installations.
  • We believe in providing reliable and affordable energy systems through innovative technologies.
  • Always Solar offers custom quotes, energy applications, and solar maintenance services.
  • They have a strong focus on quality, using top brands such as Fronius, Enphase, REC, Trina Solar, Longi, and Sungrow.


EV Charger Installations

We have installed countless Home EV chargers across Perth, offering a reliable and sustainable solution for electric vehicle owners. Our EV charger installations are engineered to meet the highest environmental and technical standards, helping to reduce carbon emissions and foster a greener future.

We are not just setting up chargers but building an infrastructure for a sustainable transportation future. We stand behind our EV chargers for quality, reliability, safety and the fact they are designed with advanced technology for fast, efficient charging, ensuring you are back on the road quickly.

We’re proud of our contribution to making Perth a city that embraces clean, renewable energy. By choosing our EV chargers, you’re not just choosing a charging solution. You’re becoming part of a movement towards a more sustainable Perth.


EV Chargers

In our journey toward a sustainable future, it’s crucial we delve deeper into the subject of EV chargers. These devices, pivotal in the transition to electric vehicles, come in various types, each with its own set of features.

  • Tesla’s sleek Wall Chargers and connectors (Both in single and 3 phase)
  • Smart EV Chargers like Wallbox and Fronius Wattpilot.
    • Put the excess from your solar into your vehicle and drive for free!
  • 3 Phase 32 Amp (preferably 5 Pin in Western Australia (vs 3 Pin))
  • Single Phase (10 or 15 Amp)

We’re witnessing an increasing need for EV chargers in both private and public spaces. Their integration into our infrastructure is imperative for a greener Perth. As we increasingly move towards electric mobility, understanding these chargers becomes more essential.


EV Chargers Perth

As we delve into the topic of EV Chargers in Perth, it’s clear that our Perth city is making significant strides towards embracing this sustainable technology. With an increasing number of charging stations popping up across the city, there’s a growing support network for electric vehicle owners.

Perth has recognised the importance of transitioning to cleaner, greener modes of transport – download the plugshare app. Always Solar not just installing chargers, we’re investing in high-quality, stations that can charge as fast. Always Solar will look at your power and select the maximum load possible so that you can charge in less time and have more options over a traditional charger.

This proactive approach to your electric vehicle charging underlines Always Solar Perth’s commitment to sustainability, as we move towards a future where electric vehicles are the norm, not the exception.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Types of Electric Vehicles Can Be Charged Using Our Supplied EV Chargers Perth?

Always Solar will tailor a specific charging solution for your EV and Power. We are experts on a wide range of EV chargers Perth. Most EV chargers will be a standard “Type 2” cable. Typically a “fixed mounted” Wall Charger for your home can usually provide up to a maximum of 11 kW output using 3 phase. For Tesla vehicles, this means a Wall Connector provides up to 75 kilometres of range per hour of charge.  Universal chargers can power up all types of electric vehicles, including Teslas, Nissan Leafs, Hyundai Ioniqs, and more. It’s a step towards sustainable transportation.

Are There Any Sustainable Practices Incorporated in the Design and Operation of EV Chargers in Perth?

Yes, we’ve incorporated sustainable practices in our EV chargers’ design and operation in Perth. A few “smart” EV Chargers like Wallbox can be powered by renewable energy sources like your own solar, minimise carbon footprint, and have energy-efficient features to optimise electricity consumption.

How Does the Climate in Perth Affect the Efficiency and Lifespan of EV Chargers?

Perth’s sunny disposition enhances EV charger performance. Yet, extreme heat can limit lifespan. The latest EV Chargers use heat-resistant materials, ensuring chargers not only remain efficient but can also withstand Perth’s climate for a more sustainable future.

Are There Any Government Incentives or Discounts Available for Using EV Chargers in Perth?

Yes – with some vehicles you can bundle an EV charger with the purchase which Always Solar can install. The ZEV rebate scheme will provide you with a $3,500 rebate (if the total value is under $70,000). Always best to check their website for terms and conditions as you need to purchase an eligible vehicle and submit an application form to the Department of Transport (DoT).

The rebate is available for 10,000 eligible vehicles licensed in WA, or for three years following the announcement (Saturday 10 May 2025), whichever comes first.

How Does the Use of EV Chargers Contribute to the Overall Sustainability Goals of Perth?

We’re harnessing the lightning bolt of sustainable progress. EV chargers reduce Perth’s carbon footprint, supporting renewable energy use, decreasing reliance on fossil fuels, and contributing to our city’s ambitious sustainability goals. It’s a win for us all.



As we steer towards a greener future, we’re thrilled to be part of this electrifying revolution. Despite being in its infancy, the EV charging infrastructure in Perth is already showing promising strides and Always Solar is at the forefront.

We’re not just witnessing history, we’re plugging into it. Our journey into sustainable charging is far from over, and in fact, we believe it’s just sparked off.

So, hop on board as we drive into a cleaner, brighter, electric future. After all, the best time to embrace sustainability was yesterday, the next best time is now.