At Always Solar, we are passionate about providing high-quality solar installations Perth. We have over 30 years of experience, a heap of knowledge and a commitment to reducing your energy bills. So why choose a local solar company? Let’s dive into this world where quality service, local expertise and cost savings shine brighter than ever.

Understanding the Role of Local Perth Based Solar Companies

We believe no matter who you eventually choose for your solar, it should always be a local Perth based solar company like Always Solar because they will be able to provide support and backup you need. Always Solar is focused on educating customers about solar power while providing the absolute best in service. As one of the premiere solar installers in Perth, we pride ourselves on our detailed, informative approach to helping you understand and select the right solar panels for your house. We believe that knowledge is power – (literally)! Our team is dedicated to clearing the process, ensuring you know exactly what you are investing in. We aren’t just selling products, we are building sustainable futures and empowering communities with renewable energy solutions. Now let’s delve deeper into the advantages of employing a local solar company like ours.

Advantages of Employing a Local Perth Solar Company

Opting for a local Perth Solar company can offer numerous benefits when it comes to setting up solar systems. We know the local climate and conditions, ensuring installations are optimised for maximum output and efficiency. Doing this will save you BIG money on an ongoing basis.

  • Always Solar is aware of local regulations, permits, and incentives which can speed up the process and save you money.
  • Our reputation is on the line in our own backyard, so we are committed to providing excellent service.
  • Being local means, we are just around the corner if you ever need maintenance or repairs.
  • We understand your energy needs because we share them – living and working in the same community creates a sense of shared responsibility.

With us, you will get personal attention from start to finish. We have deep roots here and care about powering our community with sustainable energy.

Insights Into the Installation Process by Always Solar

It is important to understand that the installation process carried out by Always Solar is thorough and meticulous. We do not just install solar panels, rather, we are committed to excellence from site analysis to system design. Each step of our process is designed with your individual needs in mind.

We start with an assessment of your home’s solar potential and energy needs. Customising a system that maximises efficiency and meets your energy goals follows this. Then comes the careful installation of high-quality panels and inverters, ensuring optimal positioning for sun exposure throughout the day. Lastly, we ensure everything is hooked up correctly for seamless integration into your home’s electrical system.

Now you have a glimpse into our precise installation process, it is time to delve deeper into evaluating the quality of local solar companies.

Evaluating the Quality of Always Solar

Assessing the calibre of Always Solar is not just about comparing prices, it is also crucial to consider our experience, reputation, and the quality of the products we use.

When you are evaluating your solar quotes look for a certain level of expertise. You want them to show you:

  • A solid track record in solar installations
  • Positive customer testimonials
  • High-quality solar panels and inverters are used.
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff
  • CEC accreditation

Always Solar exceeds expectations because they understand our community’s specific needs better than Eastern State-based chains. We are invested in ensuring we get the most efficient system possible because they are not just installing it, we are living it too. That is why we believe in supporting local Perth businesses when considering solar installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Always Solar’s Experience and Expertise Set Them Apart from Other Local Solar Companies?

We are set apart by our 30+ years of experience, specialising in quality solar brands. We pride ourselves on educating customers about solar power, offering cost-effective solutions and five-star service for residential and commercial installations.

What Specific Brands of Solar Panels and Inverters Does Always Solar Offer?

We are proud to offer a variety of quality brands for solar panels and inverters at Always Solar. We choose only the best, ensuring our customers get top performance and long-lasting durability from their installations.

What Services Does Always Solar Provide Beyond Just Solar Installation?

Beyond just solar installation, we offer consultation and planning services. We are committed to providing dependable maintenance for residential solutions. For businesses, we focus on keeping overhead costs down and profit margins high.

Can Always Solar Provide Any Testimonials or Reviews from Previous Clients?

Absolutely, we can provide testimonials and reviews from our satisfied clients. We take pride in our top-notch service, and it is reflected in the positive feedback we have received over the years.

How Does Always Solar Tailor Their Solar Solutions for Individual Residential and Commercial Needs?

We meticulously analyse each client’s unique energy needs. Our solar solutions, both residential and commercial, are tailored to maximise efficiency and savings. We are not just installing panels, we are crafting a sustainable future for your home or business.


In the grand tapestry of solar energy, we are your local, knowledgeable thread. We represent experience, quality, and customer satisfaction – the key elements of an ideal energy solution. Choosing us, Always Solar, is like choosing to embrace the sun’s power directly in your home or business. As a beacon of light in this field, we symbolise not just savings and efficiency but also empowerment and sustainability.